Six Ways Locksmiths Can Save Your Day Without Changing Your Locks

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Six Ways Locksmiths Can Save Your Day Without Changing Your Locks

30 December 2016
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Locksmiths; we often only think about them in an emergency when we've walked out the door to realise we've left our only set of keys on the kitchen table. Contrarily, locksmiths play an integral part in building security and provide services that can be particularly useful to us that we may not even be aware of. Most locksmiths will also offer a handful of other services outside of getting you into your locked home which you can utilise to boost the functionality of your home. Some of these services may include, but are not limited to the following things:

Transponder keys. The little keypad you use to remotely open your garage or unlock your car can also be repaired or replaced by a locksmith. While they can be a little more technical than a traditional lock-and-key, transponders are well within the realm of workability for a locksmith.

Car keys. In fact, locksmiths can often cut new keys for any vehicle that doesn't require a key-to-car marriage. Falling short of this, they can also help you gain access to your car when you've locked your keys inside; much like the common household scenario.

Safe and locker sales. Locksmiths with a storefront, and even some without, will often sell safes and lockers available in a range of sizes. They come with the added peace of mind of knowing that there's someone out there that can work on your safe with full knowledge of how it works if need be.

Master key systems. A locksmith might also be able to provide a whole new system of locks that open with a master key. This means that the locks work with their own key but are also capable of being opened with a master key which can unlock the whole system. 

Alarm and security systems. While they're not necessarily locks, alarm and security systems can be fitted by a locksmith. They can also install intercom systems and security cameras to provide your home with the whole safety package.

General security expertise. Your locksmith has very likely been locking and unlocking doors for yeas and their vast experience means you can lean on their knowledge to provide a safe and accessible home for everyone.

There's more to locksmiths than just cutting you a new key and opening your locked door. The role has broadened as technology has made security and convenience a universal set of requirements to fill. Ask your locksmith how they can help you improve your home. For more information, contact a company like Local Locksmiths.

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