Selling A House With Asbestos? Here Are The Steps That You Should Take

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Selling A House With Asbestos? Here Are The Steps That You Should Take

30 December 2016
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Homes that were built before the 80s may contain asbestos in their insulating materials, plumbing fixtures, and roofing materials. If you intend to sell such a house, it is essential to ascertain whether asbestos is present as it can influence the entire sales process. Prior knowledge can help you to take the necessary measures to ensure that the hazardous material is remediated so that it does not affect the value of the property. Here are the steps that you can take to make sure that the property sale kicks off without hitches.

Carry out an inspection

Asbestos inspection by a qualified inspector is the only accurate way to confirm whether you have asbestos in your home. The inspector will collect samples from materials they suspect would contain asbestos and test them in a laboratory. The report will indicate the presence or absence of asbestos, and if any, the areas in the home where it has been used. It is best to have this inspection before listing your property on the market so that you can have enough time to deal with the inspector's report.

Disclose the status to the buyer

If you carry out an inspection after listing the property, it is possible that a buyer may be interested in it before you can get the inspector's report. In this case, it is essential that you reveal the status of the property to the buyer, especially if asbestos is present. In fact, property sellers have a legal obligation to disclose hazardous materials and any other aspects of the property that if unearthed would affect the buyer's decision.

Let the prospective buyer know that there is asbestos in the home, but you are taking the necessary measures to remediate it. In most cases, this is never a deal breaker; however, if it is, you can take the time to remove the asbestos as you wait for another prospective buyer.

Remove asbestos from the property

Asbestos is hazardous when it's exposed to the air and inhaled. Since the new buyer may want to undertake renovations and upgrades after the purchase, it is important to ensure that the home is asbestos-free. Asbestos can be removed from the materials without ruining the building's structure, but this should be carried out by professionals for safe handling and disposal.

You can also opt to take the money for asbestos removal off the selling price and let the new buyer handle the removal project. However, this should be done after an agreement between both parties to avoid disputes towards the closing date. Contact an asbestos service for more information.

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