Top Tips For Safe Furniture Removal

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Top Tips For Safe Furniture Removal

21 June 2016
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When moving home, it is easy to get so caught up packing smaller items away into boxes that you forget about the larger pieces of furniture. Because it isn't something that you do everyday, you might not know how to remove furniture in a safe manner. Below are some top tips to help your furniture removal go smoothly.

Get Some Help

You should never attempt to move heavy furniture on your own. Many people are tempted to have a go at removing heavy furniture alone because they don't want to bother others or no one is around to help. This can result in serious injury. You should gather a team of friends and family to help you move larger items of furniture. If no one is available to help, you should employ a professional removal company to lend a hand.

Use Blankets and Plastic to Protect Furniture

You should ensure that your furniture is protected during the move. Securely wrap each item of furniture in plastic and secure it in place using tape. You can also pad items using old blankets. This will protect both the furniture and the walls of your home from accidental damage during the move.

Have Safety Equipment 

You should ensure you have adequate safety equipment such as lifting straps and a shoulder dolly, which will help to take the strain of lifting off your shoulders and back and reduce the chance of injury.

Slide Rather Than Carry

Particularly heavy items can be moved by placing a blanket underneath of them; you should then be able to easily slide the item across the floor. While you will still probably have to do some lifting to traverse doorways and stairs, it will save you a lot of energy and reduce the chance you will sustain an injury.

Pay Attention with Tall or Long Furniture

Tall or long items of furniture, such as wardrobes, filing cabinets or dressers should be moved carefully. First tip the item backwards, with one person grabbing the bottom and another person the top. This will help to balance the furniture's centre of gravity while also making it easier to manoeuvre it through tight spaces and up and down stairs.

If you are planning to remove furniture, you should contact a professional furniture removal company. A professional removal company will have the equipment and know how to ensure that your furniture is safely removed and transported to your new property.

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