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How to Keep Your Office Looking Presentable at All Times

24 January 2017
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When you're busy trying to run an enterprise, it's very easy to ignore the condition of your office. You may find yourself oblivious to the thick layers of dust on your employee's desks, the overflowing rubbish bins and the reams of paperwork piling up everywhere. However, a disorganised, messy office can have a detrimental effect not only on your employees' productivity levels (as it's much harder to work efficiently in an untidy, dirty environment) but also on the reputation of your enterprise; visiting business associates and clients who see your office in this state may conclude that you and your staff aren't coping very well with your current workload. Read More …

Drawing a Clear Line of Distinction Between Strata Titles and Body Corporates

3 January 2017
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If you do not know where to start your home ownership journey, strata living would be a great place to start. As the cost of owning and maintaining residential property continues to soar up with each passing year, many potential home buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a decent home. That is why strata living has gained so much popularity in recent years, as it recognises that not everyone has the budget for a non-strata home, which is generally more expensive to buy and maintain. Read More …

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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Hello, I’m Marcy and welcome to my tips blog on choosing a real estate agent. Last year, my boyfriend and I decided to sell our home and upgrade to a bigger house. Although we’d had some exposure to agents when we bought our first home, this was the first time we’d had to choose an agent to sell for us. This wasn’t exactly a difficult process as such, but there were a lot of things to consider that we hadn’t even thought about before we started looking at which company to use. I think the things we learned could be useful if you’re looking to choose a real estate agent for the first time too.